Kristin Henn, Festival Director

Kristin teaches, produces, directs and performs Improv & Storytelling in Austin, Texas. She holds a BFA in Directing Theatre and an MA in Theatre History and Criticism and is a proud graduate of the ColdTowne Conservatory. Kristin is the owner of Excused Absence Comedy and the Director of ExAb Fest. She has two daughters, two dogs, two rabbits and a cat named Kevin. Please do not offer her any additional animals.

Julia Dowe, Marketing Team

Julia is a Senior at Anderson High School where she consistently entertains and amazes her peers. Among a multitude of comedy credits, she is a member of Austin’s longest running youth troupe, S’Nailed It. Julia is the real deal when it comes to comedy and constantly creates astounding and hilarious bits/characters/plans. She will attend a very fancy and important university next year.

Lucy Sugawa, Marketing Team

Lucy is a Senior at LASA, the owner of a very cool online store and one of the mainstays of Excused Absence Comedy. She probably does lots of things when she’s not with us, but around here we know her as a hilarious performer, a fearless leader, a great teacher of younger improvisers and an individual willing to take on any task we throw her way. If you take a look at ExAb’s Instagram, you will see Lucy featured again and again. She will attend a very fancy and important university next year.

Additional staff to be announced soon!