Show Schedule

Friday’s events kick off at 4:00 pm at ColdTowne Theater with improvised karaoke, improv shows, a jam and the chance to get to know your fellow festival goers.

Friday, Aug. 11

4 pm – Social Times

Check in begins in the lobby of ColdTowne Theater. Passes and individual tickets may be purchased or picked up throughout the festival beginning at this time.

Improvised Karaoke and Dance Party with Popcorn in Theater. No ticket required.

5:30 – Show Block 1
Eventbrite - Block I: Mr. Clean/Teen Intensive Showcase/Teachable Moments/Jam

Mr. Clean, George & the Buffet of Help, Teachable Moments

6:15 – Improv Jam

Join us onstage for an improv show starring you! Fun, low stakes and a great chance to get up there and join the fun.

Saturday, August 12

10 am
Eventbrite - What's the Story Steve?
What’s the Story Steve? Stories on the spot from Steve Scott, Improv Poodle, and his cast of hilarious improvisers. High energy, interactive and fun! This show is only $5…

11:30 am – Workshop Block A

Saturday’s workshops take place at ColdTowne’s Conservatory location, 6929 Airport Blvd., suite 131.

Find and Heighten the Game of the Scene with Dave Buckman
Eventbrite - Find and Heighten the Game of the Scene with Dave Buckman

Held in the front room of the Conservatory, this 90 minute workshop invites performers to jump right into the meat of any scene.

Big, Bold Characters with Katie Moore
Eventbrite - Big, Bold Characters with Katie Moore

Join Katie in the back room of ColdTowne’s Conservatory space for this 90 minute workshop exploration of improvised character development.

2 pm – Workshop Block B

Improvised Musicals with Girls, Girls, Girls
Eventbrite - Improvised Musicals with Girls, Girls, Girls

Always our most popular workshop, join the cast of Austin’s Girls, Girls, Girls to learn the secrets of improvising musical theatre on the spot! Front room of the Conservatory. 90 minutes. Participants are invited to perform in the 5 pm Girls, Girls, Girls performance at ColdTowne Theater.

Keith Keebler’s Comedy Writing Intensive
Eventbrite - Comedy Writing Intensive with Keith Keebler

Hone your comedy writing skills in this practical and inspiring exploration of comedy writing. This 90 minute workshop is held in the writer’s room of the Conservatory.

4 pm – Show Block 2
Eventbrite - Block 2: Missed Connections, RoundHouse, Youth Troupe TBA

Missed Connections, All Star Youth Troupe

5 pm – Show Block 3
Eventbrite - Block 3: Girls, Girls, Girls Improvised Musical Theatre

RoundHouse & Girls, Girls, Girls! Improvised Musical Theatre!

Sunday, August 13

10 am – Workshop Block C

Object Work
Eventbrite - Object Work with Nathan Sowell
a 90 minute workshop with Nathan Sowell. Held in the lobby at ColdTowne Theater.

Open Mic and Jam – Social Times

Join us for an Improv Jam, jump on stage for the Open Mic and socialize with fellow festival goers. Held in the theater at ColdTowne. No ticket required.

Noon – Show Block 4
Eventbrite - Show Block 3: The Alice Klebergs, Short Form Explosion & Film Sketch

Alice Kleberg, Film Block and The Adjective Nouns

1 pm – Show Block 5
Eventbrite - Show Block 4: The Alamo DrewHouse

Alamo DrewHouse

2 pm – Show Block 6
Eventbrite - Block 5: Twine and Sketch

Twine & Buffet of Help

3 pm – Show Block 7

Eventbrite - Show Block 5: Popcorn Banana Pants & Empty Promises

Popcorn Banana Pants, Empty Promises, Nice Astronaut

4 pm – Show Block 8
Eventbrite - Show Block 8: Bilbo Swaggins & Channel 2

Bilbo Swaggins, Channel 2

5 pm – Show Block 9
Eventbrite - Show Block 9: The OffSpring Show & Nice Astronaut

The Off Spring Show

6 pm – Block 10
Eventbrite - Show Block 10: S'Nailed It, Nadav, Kallie & The Back Pack

S’Nailed It, Nadav, Kallie, The Back Pack

7 pm – Block 11
Eventbrite - Show Block 11: All Star Show & Closing Ceremony

All Star Show, Closing Ceremony. Free show, but reserving a seat is wise.