The ExAb Fest ’23 Full Schedule

Saturday Events take place at Zach.

Specific classrooms are noted in the descriptions.

Saturday shows take place on the Kleberg Stage at Zach.

Parking: Paid parking is available in the Whisenhunt Theatre Parking Lot (1510 Toomey Road for paid parking). Free parking is usually available on Saturdays in the baseball field lots and on surrounding streets.

Box Office/Merch and Check-in are in the Nowlin Lobby.

Saturday at Zach

Workshop One: Girls Girls Girls Musical Improv

1 pm to 2:30 pm in ZPACC

No singing talent required. FInd the game of the scene and turn it into a chorus. Participants are invited (but not required) to perform a short, directed set Saturday evening at 7.

Saturday at Zach

Workshop Two: Instant Drama

2 PM to 3:30 PM in Portable A&B

Tips for Fast and Fearless Improv

Sold Out!

Saturday at Zach

Workshop Three: Improv Game Exchange

3:00 pm to 4:30 pm in ZPACC

Join fellow Improvisers from a variety of theaters and backgrounds to share short form games, long form tricks and more. (Late entries/early exits are fine with this one)

Saturday at Zach

Workshop Four: Improv for Everyone

3:00 to 4:15 in Portable A&B

Perfect for beginners or for experienced players interested in a low-pressure, fun class.

Saturday at Zach show

SHOW BLOCK I: Zach North, AC Tourco & Stool Pigeon

5 pm in the Kleberg Theatre

Youth Troupe Zach North performs fast paced Short Form Improv

The Austin College Improv Tourco: Smart, cool, and goooood lookin’. This college Improv troupe has traveled from their University in Sherman, Texas. Featuring ExAb alum Charlotte Evelyn!

Stool Pigeon is an adult troupe that includes some of ColdTowne’s best loved performers. Improv inspired by a true stories.

Saturday at Zach Show

Block II: Late Night with Annabel, Zach 3 – 6 & ExAb All Stars

6 PM in the Kleberg Theatre

OffSpring act Late Night with Annabel SweetLamb features Austin Improv legends Caitlin and Jeremy SweetLamb in an improvised talk show hosted by their daughter Annabel and featuring Annabel’s little brother, Elliot.

Zach’s Improv 3rd – 5th grade Improv troupe entertains with unexpected and hilarious short form games and scenes.

Excused Absence All Stars features some of ExAb’s most hilarious teen performers creating original characters based on the true stories of master storyteller Kristen Drenning.

Saturday at Zach Show

Block III: Zach 6 – 8, GGG Workshop Set & Girls Girls Girls

7 PM in the Kleberg Theatre

Zach’s 6th through 8th grade Improv troupe performs a series of original scenes and games based on audience suggestions. High energy and hilarious!

The Girls Girls Girls Workshop Set features some of the students from the GGG workshop performing a series of improvised games under the direction of GGG cast members.

Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musical is one of the treasures of Austin Improv. Do not miss this completely improvised musical created on the spot accompanied by an onstage keyboardist.

Sunday, April 23

All Sunday events & shows take place at ColdTowne Theater.

1700 East 2nd Street in Austin, Texas.

Sunday at ColdTowne

Check In/Box Office

11:30 AM to 5 PM

Check in, pick up tickets, ask questions & buy a t-shirt!

Details TBA

Sunday at ColdTowne



Welcome, Open Mic, Toast & Jam

No Ticket or Registration Required

Sunday at ColdTowne

Show Block 1: ExAb 1 PM Classes, The Project & Glitter Witch

1 PM

The ExAb 1 pm Class is a group of elementary school comics who are not afraid to make you laugh! In fact, they can’t wait.

OffSpring troupe The Project is beloved Austin Improviser (and RRISD School Board member!) Chuy Zarate and his high school aged son. This long form set will amuse and amaze you.

Though adult troupe GlitterWitch is a relative newcomer in the Austin Improv scene, its members are three of this city’s best-known and most admired improvisers, Jessica Arjet, Lisa Jackson and Regina Soto. This will be a high quality show.

Sunday at ColdTowne

Show Block 2: Cafeteria Conspiracy, The Tauri 3, McNeil HS & Brazos Theatre

2 PM

Middle School troupe Cafeteria Conspiracy performs witty, scenic Improv inspired by the real life secrets of Middle School life.

OffSpring troupe The Tauri 3 is ColdTowne owner and top-notch improviser Tauri Laws-Phillips and her incredibly charming children.

Traveling from the other end of Travis County, the McNeil High School Improv Club will knock your socks off with their fast-paced, original comedy.

In addition to year round scripted productions, The Brazos Theatre in Waco, Texas is home to a fantastic short form Improv troupe. They’ve performed together for ten years, but this is the first time we’ve hosted them on our stage! Don’t miss this fantastic performance!

Sunday at ColdTowne

Show Block 3: 7646 Guys walk into a Bar, Prayer Circle, Juice Bar

3 PM

Straight outta Leander, it’s High School troupe 7646 Guys Walk into a Bar! This is their first ExAb show and we’re so please to have them!

Longtime ColdTowne favorites, Prayer Circle is that hilariously edgy but relatable longform show you’ve been waiting for. Voted “Most likely to make the audience snort with laughter” at last year’s festival, we strongly recommend this show.

Juice Bar is an Austin Sketch troupe that has been taking over stages all over town with their hilarious, well crafted sketch shows. This abridged version of their regular set is a unique opportunity to see a late night show while the sun is still shining.

Sunday at ColdTowne

Show Block 4: Zach Combo Troupe, Sorry for Partying w/ExAb Guests and Escalando

4 PM

The Zach Combo Troupe is collection of youth improvisers from Zach Theatre. Hip, hilarious and highly witty.

Adult troupe Sorry for Partying & Guests invites several teen Improvisers to jump in.

Escandalo performs an improvised Telenovela and you cannot miss this show. This seasoned group of performers has performed this hilarious format throughout Austin and beyond – don’t miss this chance to see them in the daytime. (Personally, I’m hoping for an amnesia/twins/handsome priest plot…)

Sunday at ColdTowne

Show Block 5: Sandra and Elliot, The Roosevelts, Counter Snacks, Friends for Now

5 PM

Grandmother/Grandson OffSpring Troupe Sandra & Elliot perform a long-form set where their comedic timing, unexpected plot twists, and incredible rapport is beyond your everyday comedy.

ExAb Teen Troupes The Roosevelts and Counter Snacks have performed longer than most of the adults in this town. These shows will be fantastic.

Friends for Now is ColdTowne’s All Star Thursday night anchor. We are so proud to have this incredible example of long form Improv close out the festival.

Sunday at ColdTowne

Post Show Wrap Up

6:15 PM

Who even knows!

No Ticket Required