12 to 12:50 pm

Help us launch the festival with a hilarious performance by the youthful comedians of Epic Improv, followed by the spirited antics of Toreador and wrap up the hour with a lively improv jam for everyone!

1 to 1:50 pm

Stand Up Ben D’orvre opens, followed by a rowdy gang of ebullient teen improvisers called LemonCat. America’s most civilized youth Improv troupe,”Charm” are the fabulous third act in this block. Irreverent adult super troupe My Secret Friend and OffSpring troupe Chlodramax round out the hour.

2 to 2:50 pm

You can’t miss this block.Obviously, The Andy Woods, Kiss & Break Up and Contessa are amazing improv troupes, but opening this show is a live band covering some of New Orders greatest creations. They’re called Dark Kard and consist of three kids and their cool dad. Watch as some of Austin’s funniest performers take inspiration from their songs and weave an original improv show inspired by them.

3 to 3:50 pm

We are SO excited for this show. Joining us are two awesome Improv troupes Zach Theatre followed by a very special OffSpring Troupe. Listen to this! “20 Years and Counting with Kids” is the OffSpring troupe for this block and features Chuy Zarate, one of Austin’s most treasured and hilarious improvisers. Let’s see if his wife and kids can keep up…

4 to 4:50 pm

RoundHouse, Grasshopper, Franklin and Nelson. Look. These troupes are amazing. Like, super amazing. Do yourself a huge favor and attend this block.

5 to 5:50 pm

Minevra visits from St. Stephens School! Senior Skip Day is the smartest comedy you will see this year. S’Nailed It is Austin’s longest running and wittiest improv troupe. Joining them are adult pros of SwitchBlade!

6 to 6:50 pm

Junior Year Abroad just concluded a sold out main stage run at ColdTowne Theater. It’s hilarious, surprising and a show that will change how you think about youth improv. This is the very final performance of this show. Don’t miss it!