For Parents

Excused Absence Comedy Festival is open to all ages. You are welcome to attend any show or workshop you are interested in. Tickets are available here.

Kids who are 12 and up may be dropped off at the festival and are welcome to attend shows and workshops on their own. Throughout the event, we will have staff and volunteers on hand who are happy to provide help with finding a workshop, deciding on which shows to see, etc.

It is important to note that this is a public event and all attendees are expected to respect the space, the work and one another. Any festival goer who purposely causes damage or behaves disrespectfully will be asked to leave. Obviously there is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Excused Absence is a warm, fun event and we count on the folks who attend to help us maintain the high level of trust and goodwill that make that possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be food?

We will have concessions for sale in the lobby of the theater and at the workshop space. There are restaurants within walking distance of both venues and adult staff or volunteers will head up group walks to these restaurants during breaks.

Will there be transportation provided between the Theater and the Workshop location?

Staff are aware of the fact that this will come up and will do everything they can to help. There are Capitol Metro stops fairly close to both venues and the route is very simple. Another option is to catch a ride with a fellow teen or parent. If you are a parent interested in helping out in this regard, check out our volunteer page.