What’s so great about this festival?

We believe that, for the Improv student, seeing live comedy improvised by trained, experienced performers is crucial to learning the form. You wouldn’t expect someone to learn about music without ever hearing it, would you?

In keeping with this philosophy, Excused Absence Comedy Festival provides unmatched opportunities to see a wide variety of styles, performers and skill levels.  Each show block includes a youth troupe, an “OffSpring” troupe (comprised of a well-known Improviser and their child, grandchild, or parent), and an accomplished, long-running adult troupe.

How is the festival organized?

  • Workshops are Saturday at Zach. Learn more about them here.
  • Shows are organized into 50 minute blocks. The Schedule!
  • Tickets can be purchased for single show blocks or purchase an All Show Pass for $25 and see as many shows as you like.
  • Staff and Volunteers are on hand throughout to provide help for performers, participants, and audience members.
  • Bring a water bottle if you are staying all day!
  • Snacks are for sale in the lobby, but it’s fine to bring food in.
  • This is a public, all ages event and all are welcome.
  • Youth who attend shows on their own need to be capable of enjoying the festival independently.
  • Parents, friends, and fans who attend may find themselves amazed by how varied and awesome the acts are.

All attendees are expected to respect the space, the work, and one another. Any festival goer who purposely causes damage or behaves disrespectfully will be asked to leave. Excused Absence Fest is a warm, fun event and we count on the folks who attend to help us maintain the high level of trust and goodwill that make that possible.

Information for Performers

Troupe Directors/Teachers should be in touch with details regarding Call-Times, etc. Players do not need to purchase a ticket for a block in which they perform. Please visit the Information for Performers page for general performer guidelines.

How can parents get Involved?

Thanks for asking.

Volunteer! We still need help and would super appreciate your time. Check out the Volunteer page for details.

Watch Shows. Hang out. Take a Workshop. They really are for everyone. We know, you’ve done your time and seen a bunch of your children’s shows and we know you’ve got a lot going on. But this festival is not a series of recitals. This is a legit comedy situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be food?

For Saturday at Zach: TBD

For Sunday at ColdTowne: Snacks are available for sale in the ColdTowne lobby.

What kinds of performances should we expect?

Check out our Meet the Performers page!

Are the workshops cool?

Yes! Check out our Workshop page!

Can I buy a festival t-shirt/poster/sticker?

Yes. A thousand times, Yes! Check out the Merch page.